maandag 14 september 2015

Marvel Knights: Spider-Woman

Marvel Knights was a series of Marvel animated comics, together with Shout studios.

In these, a series of comics is `told` like in an audiobook, and accompanied by some very arty sketches with animation in it.

Spider-Woman, hailing from 2009, tells the tale of how Jessica Drew, recently freed from the Skrulls, is recruited by SWORD to hunt down the remaining ones on Earth.

However, a shapechanging one is out to get her instead, and this doesn`t make her task any easier as he knows all her desires and all her secrets.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, this is a rather strong story in the series, which is from the `pre` superhero explosion in the cinema`s and cartoon network, so if you are looking for those sorts of high action packed stories, you are looking in the wrong place with this.

I think to get an idea of how this movie feels, one can best compare it to the Telltale Games videogames like the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones on various consoles, and you`ll have a good idea of how this `looks` and `feels`, and if that is some

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