vrijdag 4 september 2015

Chima haul (mostly)

Some new additions to the evergrowing pile of Lego bricks have arrived this week.

And they where mainly for Chima, including the set to complete the Sabretooth regiment of my Mitgardian force, more on that later this week.

The Speedorz was, well, one of the Amazon add on promotions, while I bought the sabre bike just because I loved the looks of the design.  Although it`ll end up as loose bricks afterwards anyways.

I also got this little AT-AT earlier this week, the one I told you about they forgot to include the poster with, gracefully sorted by the Lego store employees by handing my one past wednesday.

The final Lego addition was Gilroy lockhart.  That charlatan really was for me one of the funniest characters I saw passing by so far in Harry Potter, and I am going to do `something` with him next year.

Of course, all the loose brick parcels that came in didn`t count ;-)

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