woensdag 30 september 2015

Lego Build: Friends Magazine Easter Bunny

Considering this is an easter bunny that came with the Friends Magazine, and we are already autumn, this might have been just a wee bit overdue...

Now, I tend to buy those magazines when their are cool, useable figures coming with it, or like the Friends (and now also Elves) ones when their is one of the animals included.

This particular issue contained a simple build, but with a to cute rabbit to pass up.

The main part of the build is basically a light green corner piece, a 2x4 plate and a white piece of fence.

Some detailing is added on top of this.

Include some branches and a basket of chocolate candies, and voila, you have a simple yet effective small build for the easter holiday, and some lovely little pieces for the collection.

Nothing fancy, but for the price of the magazine, these thingies are rather okay.

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