donderdag 10 september 2015

Lego Build: Azari`s Magic Fire

More Elves, you can never have enough Elves!

Yeah yeah, I know, I just like the theme for the parts, just like I do with both Ninjago or Chima.  Things an AFOL got to do until a `regular` Castle theme resurfaces (Nexo Knights in 2016?).

This build is the promotional polybag that came out a few months ago.  Featuring the `fire elf` Azari, it`s nothing to fancy, but heck, parts are parts.

The base of the build is made up from curved plates, in the newer `mustard` yellow.  Add to that some burgundy red bricks and transparent orange tiles, and you have the little lava stream that makes up the campfire.

A small roasting plate is added over that, and a small tree with the purplish leaves is placed next to it.

Add your cup and an apple on a stick to roast, and well, that is about it.

The polybag isn`t to spectacular and is clearly aimed at launching the new range, but heck, it has it`s uses for the few parts that are in it, and it was a freebie anyways.

And which Lego fan doesn`t like free bricks now, doesn`t he...

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