dinsdag 29 september 2015

Inspirational Lego 37

A day later then usual, this has all to do with the FACTS convention of past weekend and the picture report I did on that as we exposed there as part of the BeLUG delegation.  The report can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the blog, and look in the september 2015 section.

Now this also means that today will be flooded with a trainload of blogposts, as I`m going to work my way through each and every post I `missed` the deadline for in september due to circumstances, and I`m sitting here with icepacks on my smashed knees anyways.

But let`s start this blogging marathon with the good old weekly collection of 10 of the most awe inspiring builds I came along recently over on the internet.

With all the VW emission ruckus going on this week, let`s start with this great build of an era where Kyoto was just a city in Japan, the Porsche 917K in the beautiful Martini livery.  Piloted by Helmut Marko (the current Red Bull Racing F1 talentscout) and Gijs Van Lennep, this machine was present at Le Mans and other endurance races.

Minions are hot these days, with the success of their solo movie even adding to the `banana` hype.

By far the most popular figure since the MCU started up, is Tom Hiddleston`s depiction of Loki, god of lies.  This awesome mosaic from ChicagoLug depicts his movie likeness fantastically.

This isn`t a brown version of Shelob at all, it is a fully transformable spider to robot creation

Bionicle pieces often end up in people`s trade bins, as they think they are rather limited in use, but this centipede uses quite a few of them and is just great looking!

War of the Planets was one of those early 80s anime`s I grew up with, so this build for me is 100% awesomeness and nostalgia.  And as you can see by their auxiliary pictures and the minifigs, it`s just as massive as it was in the series.

A great buste sculpture of the dynamic duo from last years MCU blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, as Rocket and Groot stand together!

This build from Guilds of Historica depicts an ambush in the wilds.  I really love the way the ruined arch has been build, great work!

In the meantime, this awesome machine appeared in the Andromeda`s Gates game.  The dust kicked up by it`s takeoff is fantastically emulated if you ask me.

The final build I want to share this week is this microscale aircraft carrier, adding an awesome lot of detail in such a small scale.

And that is once again my selection for this week, tune in next week for more bricky goodness from around the globe!

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