woensdag 2 september 2015

Legend of the Seeker season 2

What if Xena had been a boy?  Well, you probably will end up with a series like this.  oh wait, it does exist, it`s called Hercules.  Oh well, never mind, you get the point.

Based (albeit loosely) on The Sword of Truth fantasy novels by Terry Goodking, Legend of the Seeker was a two season running show, though it did went in a `Firefly` phase afterwards as fans wanted it to return, but the studio kept it`s leg stiff.

This second season is based off the Stone of Tears book from the series, as our Seeker, Richard, starts on a quest to shut down the breach between the current day world and the underworld, something he was unknowingly responsible for in season one.

His fellowship is joined by his enemy of the first season, Cara, and takes them along strange friends / enemies with the Sisters of Light.  Though they do succeed in their mission, the sad thing is that as the series was cancelled after the second season, we never get to see the overarching storyline resolve, nor now how the cliffhanger turns out (well, unless you read the books ofc).

On the storyline front, this wasn`t a bad show at all, and one I discovered through a friend of mine, David, quite a while ago.  I just didn`t get round to s2 just yet until the past week.

But the main drawback is the fact it`s like the opening.  It`s on a production level of Xena and Hercules years ago, budget and all, and this results in, let`s put this politely`, not really A level actors and special effects.  At times, it even feels (and looks) like it was made in some backyard.

But it is intresting enough at least to pick up the book series at least...

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