dinsdag 29 september 2015

Saint Seiya Soul of Gold

Let our prayers be heard, the Eternal Golden Legend!

The latest anime series of Saint Seiya, we revisit the land of Asgard, which back in the 80s was a television only series to allow Murusada to complete his Poseidon saga.

The Lady Hilda of Polaris is no longer the representative of Odin on Earth, being replaced by Andreas, the former court doctor.  However, he has been possessed by Loki, and awakes the tree Yggdrasil, granting false blessings to the people to draw on their power.

Through this, he also brings the newest generation of God Warriors, some tied to the older series like Sigismund`s younger brother, into his fold.  But Odin, thorugh the body of a young girl named Lyfia, brings forth the most unlikely warriors to battle this thread as Athena`s bronze saints are fighting in Elysium.

He ressurects the twelve Gold Saints who had fallen before the Wailing Wall, giving their lives to allow the others to pass onwards!

In this series, they don`t have betrayers or evil intenders in their midst, they all work to the same goal, to free Asgard of the machinations of Andreas and battle the God Warriors in the process.

It`s a fantastic series, putting more light on the best generation of Gold saints and their personalities, even Deathmask (always my favorite as a Cancer myself) turns into quit an awesome character opposed to the really evil asshole he was in the original series, the Cancer cloth even reconnecting with her former wearer.

And believe me, when you see the final episode, nr 13, you`re going to forget about Seiya completely.  The epic battle between Loki and the Gold Saints, in their fully awakened cloths now with the help of Athena (in her urn in Elysium at that time in the Hades arc) is pure awesome, some of the best anime battles I ever saw, not only in Saint Seiya but over the whole line!

This... was... EPIC!

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