woensdag 2 september 2015

Dark Matter

Usually, I watch series in one go, when I have the full season.  But sometimes, one catches my attention and I`m waiting week after week for the next episode.

And Dark Matter was such a series.

When the crew of a vessel the Raza wake up, their memory wiped away, the story begins for 13 episodes in which gradually every member of the 6 man crew pieces together it`s past.  Apart from a girl named `5`, in order of awakening from stasis, they all are wanted fugitives, ranging from a terrorist to an exiled empire heir...

The series has a feel a bit mixed between Blake`s 7 and Andromeda Ascendant, the former for the way the story builds (and wait for that conclusion, bet you hadn`t seen it coming), the later for the `stylisation` of the series.

It is a great show, which expands beyond the comic mini-series it was based on (basically, they went past the comics after two episodes), and just yesterday it has been announced the series was renewed for a second season!

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