vrijdag 18 september 2015

Today`s haul: some Playmobil

No, I`m not switching collections, no worries there.

But I did manage to grab some lots of Playmobil for a bargain today.

In the local Kringloopwinkel they had some bags of figures and the odd animal lying around, 4 bags for 2 euro each and 2 bags for 2.50 euro.

Now, I`m in an exchanging only Facebook group for Playmobil and Lego, and these guys are going to be a good marker for grabbing some additional minifigures for my collection.

Another nice find I did there on top, where these two The Simpsons dolls for a single euro, considering the still popular characters, this should bring in a few bricks as well.

All tallied together, I`m hoping to get an additional Samwise or a Pippin out of this lot, as I got my eye on those Hobbits for a small vignette I`m planning...

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