vrijdag 11 september 2015

Friday 11 september haul

Today, I went to collect a fine trade I did at my Kiala point.  In exchange for an anime statuette, I got `a few` medieval Lego sets.

And yes, that`s including a second 1st edition Hagrid`s Hut... this whole lot must be worth around 150 euro if I`d buy them seperatly, and the little Knight`s Bus is one I wanted for the bricks for something I`m going to do next year.

Other things I`m particularly wild for is the adventurers Juan Chi set, for the big beastie in it, and the small medieval tower top right, though most will end up build then parted out again for future MOC`s :-)

On a different note, I finally (shame on me) got my extended copy of the first The Hobbit movie, the holo cover limited edition one.

Not to shabby :-)

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