donderdag 17 september 2015

WIP Update: Dale and the Gallimimus

Well, they where planned for 2016, but a bit of additional time and I actually got further then I intended yet.

Though I did realise that when one day the Tolkien displays are all done, I`m going to have to be creative to store them all away decently ;-)

The Dale project went `a bit` better then expected, in that it is actually finished bar having to take some decent pictures, and is ready to be brought along to Brick Mania Antwerpen in november.

I did some more detailing that isn`t visible on these work in progress pictures yet, but you`ll see it in all it`s displaying glory in a few days.

The first Jurassic World display is temporarily on hold, as I`m waiting for my parcel with a few 100s of `dark grey wizard staves` to complete the fencing, as at least the 420 droid arms arrived this morning.

Once those are in and placed on the build, I can go on and start working the plants in the paddock.

Talking plants, I decided to add a bit of humour with the plant guy from s14, as I`ve put him inside and he is like a student worker that needs to observe the little buggers during feeding time.

It was just to suitable a figure to pass this on...

Now I`m working on two small vignettes for FACTS to take along, both from The Hobbit trilogy, and I`m going to try and build a MOC for Halloween as well.  Got a few ideas on that, but can`t decide (yet) what way I want to go...

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