woensdag 30 september 2015

Today`s haul: Bricks and Playmobil

No, I`m not switching hobbies, it was just that at my auctioneering house, the final parts of their Lego they have been auctioning came with some Playmobil sets as well.

So I went to collect the lot today and then dropped by the goodwill store as well...

... only to find some more Lego in the form of this small, but still sealed Creator set for a measly 1.50 euro.

The final hauling was the episode 2 poster and an AT-AT Microfighter from the Lego S@H, so all in all a pretty nice day with some lovely small goodies.

Now to sort out all the Playmobil I`ve been gathering the past weeks and look for some trades for them...

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