maandag 14 september 2015

Inspirational Lego 35

Another week, another series of gorgeous internet finds to admire and raise the spirits.

Now, the next episode will probably appear next sunday instead of the traditional monday, as due to circumstances I probably won`t be able to post them monday mornings, as I`m out of the house for a few days.

We start the week with this awesome arena fight from TRON.  The coulours make it all look really vibrant even though `the Grid` as it is called in the movie is black and dark.

This build depicts an Orc raider attacking some poor farmers.  I like the panicked action going on in this one.

Either the beer is making them look really sick, or the zombies are out, but this little medieval scene nicely combines two of the coolest factions of `the good old days`.

Jurassic World was a real blockbuster succes, so how about this `little` build on display in a mall.

The Liu Zang Temple build is full of scenic awesomeness, from the raised hillsides to the waterfalls, not to mention the pretty pagode style roofs of the houses.

`Made in Belgium` comes this sculpture that was shown at Brick Mania Limburg last month.

A rather awesome mosaic of the Dark Knight.

Last week, we had the humongous airport that was shown at Birckfete, but here is another great looking one... in microscale.

Talking aircraft, this Canadian Avro Arrow, a short lived canadian airfighter, was at that show as well.

But let`s end this week with some wise words, presented in Duplo form!

And there we have it, another nice selection of eyecandy.  Until next week, when I`ll have a whole new set of things to drool over to present!

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