dinsdag 29 september 2015

Classic Lego Build: 7003 Dimetrodon

These old style Lego dinosaurs might not look the deal compared to the newest molds the company has been churning out in recent years, but they still have a certain appeal.

For me, they will be used in a (far) future moc, but I managed to grab them online way before the Jurassic hype picked up again, and they cost next to nothing back then.

This one, the Dinetrodon, which means two measures of teeth, wasn`t an actual dinosaur, but something scientists now call mammals related to reptiles.  The set comes with a big back `wing` which makes it rather unique.

This small build is based upon a light grey plate, upon which technic bricks and sloped elements are added for the legs and arms to be connected into.

The tail is then added next to the backside.

It`s back fin is added while we raise him on his sturdy aft legs.

And as we connect both front arms as well as the head to the bodywork, this little set is already completed. 

It has fewer pieces even then the other beasts from the series, mainly due to the fin part, but nevertheless it isn`t to worthless like some like to think of this series.  All in all, it`s worth the 2 euros or so you can find these sets for these days in used - complete status, because of the molded heads, the not so common colours they where made off, and in this case like I said, the rather rare back part.

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