woensdag 9 september 2015

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J. K. Rowling

I was forewarned about this book.  Not by professor Trelawney, but by followers of my blog and friends on facebook.

This book, on which the third movie is based, was awesome!

I have been finding every free minute to read through the 315 page volume (to few minutes, to much time bending... or should that be Time-Turning ;-) ) and enjoying every letter of it.

You see, the third movie has been for me so far (we`re at 4 at the moment) a disappointment as I told a few weeks ago.  Take away Gary Oldman, and I would have thought it an utter failure.  But the book is different.

It doesn`t spend to much details on the whole time travelling affair as the movie did, but instead focusses more on the mysteries surrounding the decease of Harry`s parents, and on how slowly the pieces click together to form the truth.

It also, but that is the benefit of books over movies who have to tell the tale in a far shorter timespan, spends more time on details, like we now learn how the Marauder`s Map came to be and who wrote it.  There is more Quidditch competition in it as that could be easily skipped in the film, and of course there is a lot more of background events going on, like Sir Cadogan standing in for the Fat Lady.

Yes, this book has definitly got me wanting more... but the only downside is that volume four doubles in well, volume, so it won`t be fitting in my backpocket anymore ;-)

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