vrijdag 18 september 2015

I am reaching that point...

... that I`m going to have to decide where my Lego `specialisation` will be in the future.

Well, I have been measuring out the spaces once all my displays would be ready, and not to mention the sorting out of kilo after kilo of bricks (still going on), I would basically need an extra room or three.

When I started again with Lego a few years ago, I thought people where overreacting that you better picked one or two themes and go for that, then try your hand at everything.  Now, I have found out they are absolutely right.

The recent year, I have been dabbling in all kinds of themes to MOC around, and they had mixed succes and brought mixed pleasure while building.  For one, I learned through the Andromeda game I am not that well versed, nor enjoying building space things.

I do like medieval and fantasy, and I adore the Tolkien range which I have completed, but also to build non-display MoC`s for that.  In fact, I have a picture session planned this weekend to not only put the latest display on the digital plate, but two vignettes and a MoC for Halloween as well.

Yeah, I have been busy... and a Lord of the Rings marathon helps in getting those brain cells of inspiration going.

But as such, I will have to be making decisions in the near future, and really focus on building on one or two themes instead of everything I like.  Of course, Tolkien will be one of them, and Jurassic World probably is a stayer as well... I think.  Harry Potter will be easy, as I am storing those over at the GF`s house to go with their own collection side-by-side, but outside those... I doubt I`ll be shopping a lot of sets anymore for looks alone.

Sure, heavy discount + usefull elements might still be a pick up factor, but I guess I`m now at the point where my Lego store visits will mostly be with the PAB cups.  Dimensions excluded ofc, though the initial puchases with the starter will be the three LotR sets ;-)

I talked it over with the commitee (being my mother and the fiancee) and they think this won`t be to bad an idea either, spending the budget rather on additional Tolkien-verse figures and usefull bricks like the never ending stories of needing grey slopes and green plates, instead of just, well, stuff.

So I`ve added an additional storage box now to the sorting station, one to include all the sorts of bricks I won`t be using at all - things like wheels, tyres, old space wingplates 9the one with those corners in it) - and in time drop them on BrickLink or such to fund more bricks for MoC`s.

But now, I have some materials to research for future projects ;-)

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