woensdag 2 maart 2016

MOC: Quinnsville Village Square

One of the last `modules` I`ve completed for the main street of Quinnsville (who will get a "guided tour" soonishly), the Village square is one build that won`t be licensed into the EGS for Brethren of the Brick Seas, since I doesn`t really fall into any specific category.

But even in a scientific empire as Corrington, and with places of commerce and trade in full development to put the settlement `on the map` and hopefully becoming an intresting place for traders to visit in the future, once in a while a non-game system related build has to be put in place.

The village square is the point of rest and relaxation in the still young colony, and sits by the waterside to give those looking for some RnR a nice view over the bay.  It is a gathering place for old seamen and young children, but also for those wives looking out over the water in the hope of seeing the ships that hold their husbands return.

The fountain is a gem of Corrington engineering, giving the whole area a nice and calm appeal as the water runs continuously though it`s intricate system of pumps, tubes and filters, inot the basin designed by one of Corrington`s better recreational architects back in the old world.

This was actually a fun 16x16 module to build, as it breaks up the walls of the `main street` buildings and gives some better `view in` space for future displays at events.

Hope you like it!

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