donderdag 2 december 2021

Love and Monsters

 An accidental, yet fun discovery on Netflix, Love and Monsters is an action comedy movie from 2020.

It's like a post apocalyptic thing, but in a bizarre way.

When an asteroid on collision with Earth is shot down by missiles, the chemical fall out results in insects and such being mutated in gigantic beasts, slaying 95% of humanity in a year.
The survivors are forced to hide in bunkers underground, scattered all around.  Joel, seperated from his childhood sweatheart Aimee, one day makes contact with her by radio.  Being the weak guy in his colony, he never the less decides to make the 7 day journey over the surface to find her.

On his trip, he meets a dog, Boy, that accompanies him, and a couple of survivors that teach him valuable lessons for out in the wild.  With renewed determination, he sets on until he is finally reunited.  But just as he arrives, it seems a captain and his crew where going to help evacuate them.  They are pirates however, and Joel and Aimee manage to overcome them thanks to what Joel learned in the wild.

He returns to his own colony afterwards, and spreads his knowledge over the radio, so that humanity steps out of hiding and travel to a mysterious land in the mountains, rumoured to be free of monsters...

A really weird take on apocalyptic movies, this was never the less an enjoyable, if not great, movie for a lazy evening on the couch.

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