woensdag 1 december 2021

MechaTop DLC 1: Challenge Game Mode

 The first of the so far released three small expansions for MechaTop, and downloadable through their webstore.

And this first volume, a 22 page sized PDF, handles about gaming in Challenge mode.
Challenge mode can be seen a bit as your online gaming arcade and the likes, in that it puts three difficulty levels, being Easy, Normal and Hard into play.  The game itself consists of a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Final Boss encounter for example for easy, and each player notes down the scores they obtained.
Yes, and it can be played SOLO as well with the solo card deck, a great thing I find personally to play, being like the only anime nutter in my group.
The games are progressive, meaning you can do a few things with your force between stages, but repairing isn`t one of them.  This means some thought has to be put in the battles, as going in all guns blazing might decimate you by the time you reach the finale... if you even get that far... 

The harder the level you choose, the bigger the points pool you can have (Normal for example has the standard 1800 points score) BUT also the more scenarios you need to survive.  In the earlier stages, you have a serious point advantage, but this gradually diminishes, and at the final level it's equal points... but you can already have lost some forces and as a result might actually be at a disadvantage by then!

The first scenarios are usually pretty basic, fighting off some generic war machines, before confronting ever bigger and stronger opponents and mecha.  The booklet as such contains all the scenarios for all the levels and the needed forces.  And at the end of the trail, it's a matter of who got the furthest and scored the most points... simple and effective!

I for one will certainly undertake the Easy one once I 3d printed some planes and tanks in my 1/400 scale gaming, and will report back on those soonish!

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