dinsdag 7 december 2021

No Time To Die

 The latest Bond movie, and the final Daniel Craig one, me and Noshi sat down to watch this action movie.

And in full Bond tradition, prepare for a couple of seriously hilarious moments between all the fierce action of this generations series of films.

Commander Bond, retired as a 00 agent, is in love with Madeleine, a girl with a mysterious past.  But when he suspects her to have betrayed him and being an agent of Spectre, he leaves her behind after they escaped an ambush.

In the meantime, project Heracles is stolen.  A top secret lab by the british secret service, it was intended to be the ultimate weapon in the fight against crime, containing programmed DNA searching nanobots.  When it is however used to kill all Spectre agents during a gathering in Cuba, it figures that it hasn`t been Blofeld, but someone behind the screens called Safin.  

Bond, meeting the new 007 agent, gets caught in a chase to find the project, after his friend Felix is killed.  Together they figure out it isn`t Madeleine and her daughter (and his!) Mathilde behind it, but they go to Japan to eliminate a genetical farm intend on wiping out the world.  Bond gets poisoned though by Safin, making it impossible for him to ever touch his love and daughter again, and we last see him in the explosions of a rocket strike on the facility.

Now, we can all guess he will survive this of course in some way, but it will be a suprise to see who will take up the James Bond name, and his reinstated call sign of 007, in the next movie.  And so far, nothing has been confirmed who it will be, so that might be a suprise.  Personally, I still hope for Idris Elba to be honest though...

And it comes with a beautiful tribute to the George Lazenby movie...

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