zondag 5 december 2021

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid season 2

 So we are back for more hilarious adventures of Miss Kobayashi, her dragon maid Tohru, and a slate of other dragons that settled in our world.

And after enjoying the first season, I was curious on how the story would continue, as Tohru keeps trying to get the romantic intrest of her mistress.

It all starts with the arrival of Ilulu, Tohru's biggest rival from her world and right below her in power.  While she turns Kobayashi into a guy to see how she would react to Tohru then, the two dragons show off.  Tohru, with the help of Elma, defeats Ilulu, and as a result the dragon joins the clique as she wants to learn more about the appeal of our world to her kindred.

As Ilulu tries to find her place in the human world, we also learn more about the relationship between Tohru and Elma, and how close they actually are without realising it.  But I must say, the episode where Kanna and her classmates go ghost hunting has changed the way I imagine fairies once and for all...
The series, with the episode where an angry Kanna ends up in Manhattan and foils a mafia kidnapping there, focusses on the interaction between the various dragons mostly, more then on their love for Kobayashi like season 1 did, and this makes it all a refreshing view.  Especially when Kobayashi learns the motivations of Tohru and why she came to our world is a fantastic episode.

So while perhaps less slapstick moments then the first season, season 2 definitly is worth the watch as well!

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