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Warhammer Underworlds SOLO BatRep: Besieged: Zarbag's Gitz vs Fomoroid Crusher

 Over a year since the last game in this three scenario series, and more then half a year after I finally painted up the Fomoroid Crusher, I`m ready to complete the scenario series with my brave (cough) goblin band.

Or how quantity is a quality in itself...

So to that end, they ventured into the Beastgrave again, and faced the hulking monster in the thrid and final scenario, Besieged.  the goblins have found the lair of the beast, and now he is trying to escape from the dimunitive critters.

Using the solo rules that where available last year, the Fomoroid is "rules driven", reacting according to a table, while the gobbos only have their upgrades deck available.  As a refresher, it is played on a single board, so without further ado, let's get going with the deployment!

The Fomoroid Crusher needs to start on one small side, and cross the board to the exit the furthest away.  Zarbag's Gitz deploy to do as much damage as possible as soon as possible, hopefully then relying on it's archers and Zarbag himself to finish the beast off...
Turn 1
The Crusher begins by charging Prog, and squashes him immediatly, Bonekrakka in retaliation tries to bite him but fails, and in the Power Step both squigs are suicidally pushed against the monster.  

The Crusher smashes poor Bonekrakka, but a Fungal Blessing does 1 damage to the beast as Gobbaluk misses his attack, before he is also taken out.  Ironically, Redknap loses a stray arrow, wounding the monster for a second point of damage.  Only 8 to go, but both the damage dealer squigs are already out...

As the beast charges and takes out Drizgit, Snirk charges without activating his fanatic ability.  He can't push him back anyways, so would only end up wounding himself more then the beast, but the gamble fails as both roll a crit on their attack and defense.

Turn 2

That spelled disaster for Snirk, who is flattened by the Breaker action (3 auto damage is criplling against goblins) and the Gitz now down to their ranged fighters.  Zarbag plays Madcap Mushrooms on himself in order to get a free upgrade with Vindictive Glare.

But as the Formoroid makes a double move, he comes within a single hex of escaping, so the only thing to do is for the goblins to make suicide attacks, and unfortunatly not enough are around to do all the damage required to take it out.

Dibbz does so duly, and while Zarbag inspires due to the Crusher being so close to the exit, no damage is done before the poor archer is flattened.  Zarbag charges in as well, but meets the same fate as Redknap gets inspired.

Turn 3

Stikkit then gets the suicide run duty, but he is beaten to a pulp as well.  To add to that, this causes the Fomoroid to inspire but luckily Redknap is out of range of his Hurling reaction.  

With all the goblins bar Redknap now a greasy green smear, the Fomoroid exits his lair, having taken care of the pesky intruders in a devastating manner...

Ouch, Breaker really is a huge problem for low hit point warbands, as they all get insta-killed from the go by it's 3 damage automatically.  This means it is basically charge, attack, die for anyone in this band, and hope that along the way you do enough damage, which failed miserably this game.  Heck, pure on attacks, only a single point of damage was caused, the other point coming from a card.

But that concludes the scenario series, and Zarbag's Gitz where rather unsuccesfull with two losses versus a single win in the series.  Now they will go to "retirement shelf" as I`m going to switch the band for the one I HOPE to be able to play in some events during 2022, namely the Slaaneshi band The Dread Pageant.

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