vrijdag 7 oktober 2022

Komi Can`t Communicate

 Okay, so it wasn`t the intention that I was going to watch this series.

But Noshi did, and I saw the last few episodes of the series.  Then, a second season arrived on Netflix, and as Noshi started watching that, I tagged along... and in the meantime binged through season 1 to be up to date.

Shoko Komi is a stunning girl, long dark hair, flawless skin... and totally socially inept.  She has such an anxiety that she can't even communicate with those around her.  A family trait, as both her younger brother and her father have the same issue.

At her school, she tries to make friends, and does so with people like Tadano who just wants to blend in, or some more outspoken people as well.  The situations this leads to are pretty funny, as she manages to get by just by not communicating bar through a notepad.  This Tadano had figured out after everyone belives she is mysterious, but when alone in a classroom with her she takes to the blackboard to talk to him.

He becomes her confidant, and she secretly develops a crush on him, making some of their interactions even more awkward for her though.  But he goes by her side, interpretting her signals and keeping her out of socially required talks, and thus becoming her first ever friend.

A really nice and gentle series, and with some great comic touches to a very real problem out there.  heck, even I have that in gatherings, though not that extreme...

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  1. I have seen it available, but have thought it interesting. But now, I'll have to give it a look.