woensdag 5 oktober 2022

The Devil is a Part-timer season 2

 After 9 years, Satan is back working part time at MgRonald's!

And so it was time to sit down and enjoy the ride once again!

While contemplating their bad finances, the band is gathered when a golden apple appears.  This containes Alas Ramus, a young baby girl claiming she is the daughter of Maou and Emi, who both are very taken a back by this!  Maou, Emi and the others have to settle into a surrogate parents role, taking the baby out to an amusement park and all, but Gabriel's angels appear wanting to reclaim her to reignite the Tree of Life.

Emilia and Maou start getting closer to each other thanks to Alas Ramus, and the baby stands up to an angel when he comes to retrieve her.  Emilia chases her off, but the Sacred Sword gets destroyed in the process, and Alas Ramus, being a shard of the same branch from the Tree of Life, takes the form of the blade to reside in.
Their place however needs to get seriously repaired after the attack, and Maou and his friends take boarding and a job at the niece of their landlady.  One evening, strange forms appear in the fog, and these turn out to be demonic citizens.  They are snatched away by a mysterious whirlwind, but one of Maou's servants, Camio, manages to escape it and shelters with the gang, though turning into a magical chick to regain his strength.  He tells them the demon realm is in chaos, but also that their current landlady is the power that snatched them away, as she seemingly possesses godess like powers.

Still looking for a job, they go to Chiho's aunt to help and work the land.  But when Emi barehandedly defeats a hungry bear, saving the family in the process, she becomes a sort of local celebrity.  But thieves are roaming the area, stealing produce from the farms and the gang take it upon them to seek them out and stop them.

Back in the city, Maou decided he needs a television to stay up to date in the world, but as they go shopping, a mysterious event destroys all the screens in the store.  While Emi goes to the hospital to look for a woman who might be her mother, she finds Chiho there in a coma, also a result of the pulse.  This is due to the arrival of the angel Raguel the Watcher, as Lucifer learns from Gabriel.  While his motives are unknown, the group decides to band together in order to stop him sending out pulses.

They confront Raguel and Gabriel, aided by Chiho who has her body willingly possessed by Emi's mother.  The angels are driven off, but Emi learned that her whole reason for becoming a hero, to avenge her father, was in vain, as her dad is seemingly alive and on this world.  Now the band decides to gather their wits together and aid her out...

So this was a fun series, and it is to be continued, hopefully not as long though as between seasons 1 and 2.  The only downside is that it was perhaps a bit less slapstick then the first season, and that is a shame as it made up a whole lot of the charm of the anime.

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