dinsdag 21 november 2023

The 9th Age: Infernal Dwarfs Naptha Thrower

 The latest finished unit for my Infernal Dwarfs force in The 9th Age is a bit of a special one.

This is a Naptha Thrower unit addition, but it is actually 3D sculpted by a fellow clubmember and friend, who goes by SvenNH on Cults.

Click HERE to get the STL, just drop him a message and tell him Tomsche send you ;-)

But the model itself then. I love the flamethrower style of a Dawi'Zharr carrying a blunderbuss like gun and it's fuel tank on his back.  Based on a 40mm square like all teams have to be, he is ready for dishing out some flamey pain to the opponents of Hashut.

Nifty little model for sure, go ahead and download it!


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