donderdag 1 oktober 2015

The Night of the Doctor

A little known gem in the Doctor Who universe, but included on the Matt Smith dvd box with the war Doctor, is this 7 minute web special.

With Paul McGann, after years and years since the Doctor Who movie reprising his role, this masterpiece by Steven Moffat himself details exactly how the War Doctor (played by John Hurt) came to be.

It`s not a special effects grandisimo show, but it does add a very important layer to the whole personality of the Doctor, namely what event exactly triggered inside him to have him change form a vagabond explorer to a man dedicated on stopping the war, or as he says `make me a warrior, no need for a doctor anymore`.

It`ll only take a few moments of your time to watch it on YouTube or the likes, but if you like the mythos (in a not die-hard way), this is rather essential material if you want to make the link between the original series, and the highly succesfull 21st century restart...

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