woensdag 6 januari 2016

Ash vs Evil Dead

More then 20 years after Army of Darkness, Bruce Campbell is back in his role of Ash, who unwittingly and unwantingly has to battle through hordes of zombies (or Deadites as they are called).

This 10 episodes series picks up years after the movie trilogy ended, and Ash has retired to living a calm life as an underpaid store employee.

But then evil picks up, and strange events start happening again all around him, as during a wild night he had openend the Necronomicon while completely stoned.  Together with his collegues Pablo and Kelly, he decides to undo the evil again and lock away the Kandarian Demon anew.

While he later on gets joined by Fisher and Ruby in his quest to find out how to do this, he encounters the traditional adventures like slaying Kelly`s mom or his nice old neighbour, before finding out he must bury the book under the cabin where it all started 30 years ago.

The series has been highly received by critics around, going even as high as 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Now, I love Bruce Campbell, and thought it great movies, but the series, well, I`m not THAT wild about it to be honest.  It is all a bit over the top, and when you do the `benching phenomena` to watch them all in one go, it gets to much after a few episodes.  Maybe I would have appreciated it more had I watched it weekly instead of in one go, but while the jokes `an sich` aren`t bad at all, after the umpteenth chainsawed person it all gets a bit to boring and overdone.

The series has been ordered for a second season, and when that comes out next year I am going for the episode a week approach this time, maybe that might change my opinion some more for the better then...

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