zaterdag 30 januari 2016

The Haul Report #14

I know, I normally do this on sunday mornings, but I moved it forward a few hours for a good reason.

Today, we had a small Lego gathering, and I promised not to blog about it before tomorrow or monday evening to not steal the spotlights from the lovely couple that organised it.

Add to it that I did some excellent trades on the event (well, through the FB group, with people that came to the lunch), so I could close off the week in style.

But let`s begin at, well, the beginning.  Last saturday, I received the texts that my pre-orders where in at the local Game Mania.  So tuesday afternoon I picked up my PS3 and Vita copies of the new Marvel Avengers game, and a duo of Silver Centurions to boot.

Next, it was time to open some BrickLink parcels.

The first was a small order for more red cheese slopes, to decorate my Corrington builds with.

Another order contained some tan parts, always handy, and 100+ small light bley studs for my `streets` in the same city.

The final one was the `used complete` set of the Captain`s Cabin for the Queen Anne from Pirates of the Carribean, a ship which you will see showing up at the end of this particular post...

I also received a parcel from a fellow Facebook`er, containing the parts for 5 `redcoats` and some additional torsos.  I had traded those with him for 5 bluecoats and some, well, bluecoat torsos.

My bi-monthly `magic bundle` order from Awesome Books arrived as well, containing some more novels for my Alexander Kent `Bolitho` series. 

And then the week slowed down, and we went to said meeting.

The first thing I picked up there was this small City set.  I bought it from someone that bought it double by accident, and for the price she actually paid for it, and it`ll end up as trade material itself, City not being my, but a lot of people out there, thing.

Then the trading started.  The first one was with the guy I also traded the Queen Anne with.  Ever back at the AFOL Night in october 2015, he had this at the side for me, in case I had some superhero polybag he fancied, and I had a Jor-El one lying on the side.  As we met today, we exchanged the bags at last :-)

But he also brought me the Queen Anne.  As I said before, the Helicarrier was a bit of a let down for me, and used complete on Bricklink it goes about the same rate as the Queen Anne these days.  So I had placed a post in the group that I wanted to trade, and trade only, the Helicarrier for the elegant sailing ship.  My dutch friend had one, he wanted the SHIELD behemoth, and we worked it out.  So the big pirate ship will soon be joining my Black Pearl on my shelves.

But I came back with another ship as well.  The `spanish armada` flagship, some flags and palmtrees, and a bunch of redcoats came to me in exchange for an old space set, which I traded with another member of the LCC Facebook group.

Because let`s face it, trading and exchanging is still a more enjoyable way to get your things together, especially older sets, then just selling something off and buying things you want.  And I also saw already in the group he couldn`t wait to build his spaceship until tomorrow, it`s already assembled and in his collection, so I`m happy, he`s happy, and we both have a great feeling about new gems in our collection.

And then saving for last, my Series 15 sealed box of Minifigures was brought along to the meeting as well, so one of the days I can open the box, crack the packages, and sort in the `figures I need`, `figures I`ll be using parts from` and `for trade` piles :-)

Well, that`s the whole shabang for this report, until next week!

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