zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6517 Alien Jet

From the 2008 Mars Mission comes this small Alien Jet in today`s classic build. 

Incorporating one of it`s `single mould` transparent green aliens, this is one of those sets you often find in bulk set lots, because... well I can`t really imagine anyone getting really wild over it.

That`s probably also why you can pick it up at the 2 euro mark for the set on BrickLink, which is basically the asking price for the figure, and you get the elements for free these days.  A bit unfair if you ask me, I`d rather pay for the elements and get that green lump of plastic tossed in for free.

The strange looking alien... not sure which angle Lego wanted to play with this one though.  The hole in the chest is for connecting gear like backpacks to the blokes.

Now, as you could see with the pile of bricks, this is going to be quick and simple build, and it all centers around a plate and a hinge.

More hinges are added to allow the wings to fold, and a black wedge forms the nose of the jet.

The seat and the rayguns are then added to the little flyer.

Lime green tooth function as the security belt for the pilot, so that he doesn`t get tossed out when performing daring swooshes.

And the full set stands completed:

Okay, so it doesn`t look like much, the alien is ugly BUT, for something this small, it actually has quit some playability with the opening security belt, the swivelling `lock` for the pilot and the moveable wing guns.  It doesn`t rock my boat as a set, but it is rather well designed for something so petite.

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