maandag 18 januari 2016

Inspirational Lego #53

Another monday, so here we are with another selection of 10 great Lego builds found all over the internet.

And there are once again some true gems this weeks...

We kick off with this iconic scene from the original Planet of the Apes, perhaps one of the most `shocking` revelations back then in the classic days of 70s sci-fi.

This White Horse of Rohan iconography is just awesome, being a fan of the Rohirrim ever since I read the book back when I was 11.  Though if I *could* build that kind of things, I would probably have gone for a green background.

A great sculpture of Cinderella.

The Green Lantern Corps stands ready to charge their power rings and defend the universe from evil.

Another great ship from Shiptember, I especially like the drives of this vessel.

Based on the Batpod limited edition model comes this Catcycle with great brickbuild figure to accompany it.

A fantastic Feudal Japan building, the contrasting roofcolour makes it all stand out just that bit more.

That is one mean, powered up Popcorn truck if you ask me ;-)

While the wave is great in this build, I especially like how the palm tree was made.

But remember, keep building Lego, because Resistance IS Futile!

And that is it again for this week, tune in next monday for another selection of 10 great builds!

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