donderdag 28 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6534 Beach Bandit

In today`s classic build report, I`m tackling another one from the city lot I bought a few months ago.

Now, the surfing subtheme of Lego wasn`t that big a success, and most sets can be grabbed from sites for only a few euro.  I have to admit, they don`t rock my boat either, but nevertheless, here is the build:

The set comes with a single minifigure, wearing sunglasses and a lifejacket.

The buggy is based around, and this I do like, a rather nifty use of a horse cart piece, attached to the `car chassis` element.

The wheels come on the elements that used springs to have it cope with rough terrain.

Some elements are then used to add some detailing to the bodywork of the car, and yes, I know they need some cleaning (which has been done in the meantime).

It also comes with a surfboard and sail, whom I didn`t fold for attachement in order to keep it as pristine as possible to trade it around.

The full set completed:

Like I said, I wasn`t wild about the subtheme, but I`m not a City builder either.  I can imagine some people like to have a beach area in their lay-outs, but I think Paradisa was a better bet for those then, and they are cheap on the aftermarket as well.

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