zaterdag 23 januari 2016

Heroes Reborn

The past television series saw a return, or fresh instalment actually as it continues on the classic series, of Heroes.

Now, Heroes was a series I liked, but suffered from what I tend to call the `Lost syndrome`, the uneven series where great, the even ones.. not so.  So considering this is both `1` and `5`, the stars looked great.

And a star is the central enemy in this new 13 episode series.  The sun is sending out two huge solar flares, HELE`s, which will wipe out all the life on Earth.  Primatech is no more, after a get together between EVO`s and normals was bombed at Odessa, Texas (the central point of the first years of the franchise).  In it`s wake, Renatas has come, and they have a plan to save humanity from the flares, whom are kept secret from the general populace.

Or so it seems.  In truth, Renatas chairwoman Erika wants to transport only a select few to the future, and restart humanity there in her liking.  To this end, she has imprisoned Hiro Nakamura inside a video game to power a timeteleporter device. 

Okay, so far, the story stays linear, but then all kinds of, to quote the Tenth Doctor, `wibbly wobbly timey wimey` stuff happens.  There are two siblings, twins, that can use their power to save the world.  They are seperated at birth, and don`t know about each other anymore as `the Haitian` was needed to wipe their memories... and those of Horned Rimmed Glasses, aka Noah Benneth.  The children are actually the children of Claire Benneth, who died at childberth, and Peter Petrelli.  The boy, Nathan, has inherited his power absorption and that causes Claire to die at childbirth.

The children are hidden in the past from Erica, where Nathan, now known as Tommy, has taken over the powers of Hiro, freed by an innocent gamer from Evernow, his videogame power.  The girl is being raised by Angela Petrelli, and both in their own way prepared to save the world.  But as Erica can now no longer use Hiro, she needs Tommy to power the teleporter.

That is in general the premises of the show, and I must say I actually enjoyed it, even though some high horse critics out there raised it to the ground.  The series has a nice simthering of bringing back old faces (Hiro, Noah, Angela, Micah, Parkman...) while getting some intresting new guys into the fold as well like Quinten, or especcially Luke, a EVO killer to avenge his son, who has powers himeself and turns good guy, making the ultimate sacrifice.

A bit of a shame though is that the series was really `carried` by Noah on the one hand, and Luke on the other (well, Zachary Levi is a decent actor), but while it was stated from the beginning this would be a stand alone series, the end is open from all sides, and neither of them will be around anymore.

The only `bleugh` I perhaps have with the series, is that it should have lasted a measly 15 minutes longer.  Those would have been sufficient to let the viewer learn what happened in the end to some rather important figures from the series storyline, like Parkman and Taylor, to wrap that up, instead of seemingly just having been forgotten in the finale...

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