dinsdag 5 januari 2016

MOC: HMS Green Dragon

Well, yesterday my sigfig was posted up to start my naval adventures on the wide oceans, so of course, he would need just one more thing...

And that is his vessel, which I asked a `class 2 Fast` license for, as the ship is small and agile with a strong sail, lightly armed with only 2 swivel guns and has minimal cargo space as it is mainly used for personel transportation of important persons story wise.

Upon this glorious day of her Majesty the Queen, the HMS Green Dragon has sailed out of port in Arlinsport, and has taken to the wide oceans in search of new lands and civilisations.

The small but agile cutter, commandeered by Sir Thomas Smaugton, will travel first to pick up some researchers, before heading out and following a lead to some mysterious island, of which nothing more can be said for now, but expecting arrival at destination within two days.

The Green Dragon was selected for this as it sacrifices armament, consisting of two single swivel guns and a minimal Marine detachment, and cargo capacity.  This makes it highly suitable for transportation of highly ranked persons of intrest, as they are mostly outfitted to outrun rather then engage opposing ships of malicious intent.

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