woensdag 20 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 3885 Hikaru Little Flyer

Exo-Force was a bit of a mixed bag for me.  While using a lot of now in Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, which I can`t really use afterwards in my personal builds, it has a big bonus as well...

... being mecha.  A whole range of man operated robot battle suits.  With minifigures even resembling anime style hairpieces, and japanese markings on the bodyworks.

But today`s classic build report isn`t about those cool mecha, but a polybag from the range that contained a small glider plane to go with the minifigure.  It ended up swiftly in the parts boxes as such after it had been put together.

Hikaru is pretty cool, with the flamboyant blue hairpiece.

The plane is centered around a grey plate, to which hinge elements are added for the wings.

The large tail element and the wings itself are added to the construction next.

Guns go on the wingtips, and a big engine is added to the underside of the airplane.

And the build stands completed:

This is a really simple and fast build, or parts thrown together mashup as you like, and to be honest I`m not wild about this particular set.  It even suffers from not being able to be posed upright unless you flip the wings down, so no matter how cool the mecha`s are in the range, this definitly isn`t one of the highlights in the series...

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