dinsdag 19 januari 2016

Project Merak: Roadside Festival

The latest of my Project Merak display layout, which combines favourite sets of mine with building around them, is the Roadside Festival.

In this, there are three Castle sets I really adore: the Guarded Inn, the Armory (with black sword!) and... that little jester set that came with the for now last Kingdoms range.

The scene diplays a sort of festival that takes place at a roadside inn.  Knights and warriors gather from around the lands to enjoy some of the finer ales present, while the local villagers stand by and look at the amazing entertainers present.

Like this fakir and his hypnotic snake...

Or this card tricks jester...

I admit, this must be the first Lego part I ever glued (heresy!), but a few decennia in a box had the clips broken off from the inn plate.

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