maandag 4 januari 2016

MOC: Sir Thomas Smaugton

Well, the sigfig is ready to jump into the adventures of the Brethren of the Brick Seas, and I`ll be joining the Empire of Corrington (roughly equivalent to the British).

So needless to say, as a seafaring nation, my sigfig will be a member of Her Majesty`s Royal Navy, because sailing ships are the way to go.

Sir Thomas Smaugton is the only son of the Lord Smaugton, Duke of Merxem.  Born in nobility, he never lacked anything in his youth, and when the time came ot serve the Crown, he joined the Navy as a midshipman.

After serving for several years on various ships, he raised through the ranks, mostly due to status and age, before being handed his own command of the sloop HMS Green Dragon, named after the Coat D`Arms of his family, which depicts a green dragon on a yellow field.

Now, the Crown has called upon it`s captains to explore the New World, and the Green Dragon is being put into service to explore the oceans in search of new civilisations.

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