woensdag 6 januari 2016

Lego Build: 76036 Carnage`s SHIELD Sky Attack

In today`s build, it`s a set from the Marvel Superheroes range that came out last summer, and was perhaps a highly anticipated one for the Marvel collector.

You see, this little set contained not only a generic Shield agent, but also Miles Morales, the popular Spider-Man from Ultimate universe.

Opening the set, we get two bags of parts, a small sticker sheet and the instructions booklet.

Apart from the two said characters above, we also get the titular character, the villain Carnage.  His body print is just awesomely executed.

We start building the small SHIELD VTOL vehicle first.  This is based around a grey part with the connectors added for the canopy.

No idea what the trans darkorange studs are for in the cargo space though...

As we build up the back of the body, the tail with the engine exhaust is added to this section as well.

Next up are the two VTOL rotor engines, whom can turn around.  Putting two of these together, they are attached to the side of the plane.

The front section of the little vessel is made next, and this incorporates two of the newer Stud shooters and the control handles.

After attaching this to the front of the plane, the clear canopy piece is also attached to the front.

And the full set is completed:

As usual, we also get a few extra parts:

This is a great value for money set, being a little boxed set and containing three intresting figures.  So I doubt there is any Superhero collector out there that hasn`t bought this one :-)

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