maandag 11 januari 2016

Those things happen...

Call it irony, call it faith, or call it karma...

But just TWO days after I decided what I wanted to MOC in 2016, Eurobricks launched a new building community game I`m really wild about.

Brethren of the Brick Seas is an Age of Sail / Pirates community game, and let that be my `historical intrest area` from the wargaming days (French Indian!  American Civil! War of Independance!  Hornblower! Master and Commander!  Bolitho!), so needless to say I`m diverting resources and time to building in that direction.

To that extend that the next two ships as well as a starting up settlement are already planned and foundations are even being laid as you read this.

This is going to go at the expense of some other projects I had planned, and being only one week into the new year I have been swapping out some planned MOC`s, being mostly Star Wars related, to those suited for the Brethren`s project, in the hope of taking a decent sized hamlet and small fleet to Brick Mania Antwerp as such.

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