maandag 25 januari 2016

Inspirational Lego #54

Another monday, and it seems winter is already over her in Belgium.  From minus 3 tot plus 9 in a week time, it wasn`t that impressive.

What cannot be said of the selection I found again this week, with another pile of 10 fantastic looking builds found all over the internet!

We start off with this Japanese fishing village, as it looked in the later middle ages.  The water effect is nice, the rock works using the curved plates is fantastic and I love the little houses.

The next build is this Sky-fi plane from the well known master himself.  It sort of looks like an evolution of the P38 Lightning from WW2, and has sturdy, yet sleek lines in my opinion.

This medieval inn has some great lines, like the curved hangings over the front door and windows.

This is pretty cool, re-envisoning classic sets in a totally new range, like he did with the old 4x4 into an M-Tron set.

Making great use of parts like lightsaber hilts and rapiers, this dinosaur fossil is a joy to look upon.

Gotta love this depiction of what is probably the most awesome science fiction movie of all times... and sorry SW fans, but this one remains a unique movie in both style and atmosphere.

Re-imagining sets?  How about this reworked Council of Elrond set in the all happy happy joy joy vibe of Lego Friends (okay, though it should have said Elves instead).

A funny build, this medieval work shows how one house gets on a surfing trip during a flooding.

The power of books, depicted in our beloved bricks.

An alternative build for one of the Creator x in 1 sets, you can also make a flock of flying dino`s out of your big truck :-)

So that is the selection again for this week, hope you love the eye candy!

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