woensdag 13 januari 2016

WIP: BeLUG Timeline module

I managed to do some more work on my timeline contribution for the BeLUG Timeline project, focussing on the `prehistoric man` in my module.

The general idea to add some humour to the thing, is that while a current day archeologist is discovering an ancient fossil, right behind her back there is a `hidden valley` where the ancient world still exists.

Perhaps I read to many X-Men `Savage Land` comics as I child and this stuck in my brain?

The road has been layed out with beginning and exit points at the `required` place to make it all one big continuing lay-out, and the hill sides that circle the valley have been finished, incorporating the old cavemen moc I once build for Guilds of Historica.  Being fully bricked inside, the plate already weights a ton :-)

The side of the plate and the road will be screened off by trees, with a way of putting them together I haven`t used before.

At first I wanted to make them green, but that would `bore` the plate to much, so instead opted for a strongly contrasting reddish brown foliage.  This adds more `vibrancy` to the build in my opinion.

Now the next thing I need to do is wait for a few trades containing `inhabitants` to arrive to populate the plate, in order to be able to fill up the plate with `live in the stone age`.

But I guess it should be ready without a problem for the estimated deadline, being Brick Mania Wetteren the beginning of april.

I`ll keep you posted!

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