woensdag 13 januari 2016

MOC: McPherson`s Bullet and Swords

My first piece of Property for the Brethren of the Brick Seas econimics game, and the second building that will be placed once I start my `plates` for the city of Quinnsville lay out, is an artisan category entry, a small forge.

McPherson`s is the go to guy when you want your swords reforged or need more bullets for your musket, as he and his apprentice Billy-Bob are the most well known smiths in the region.  Of course, the fact they are apparently the ONLY smiths in the region does help as well...

For this build, I decided to make it around the small forge that came in the Kingdom`s Advent Calendar, and build the whole shed around it.  While the smith is working his anvil to mend swords, his apprentice is trying the art of melting lead for musket balls.

Though apparently he needs some more experience, judging by his panicky looks and worried passers by.

And of course, it flies the colours of the MAESTRO trade company, as part of it`s network of enterprises ;-)

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