maandag 4 januari 2016

Inspirational Lego #51

Here we are, with the first selection of 10 gorgeous MOC`s of 2016!

For those tuning in, happy new year for starters and the best wishes!

The first build keeps us in these final days of the holiday mood, as this Santa Claus boot opens up to become a living home, pretty neat stuff.

This parade of old egyptian troops is a nice way to show of your army building in Lego.

A great Jurassic World build here, with working Monorail that circles the amusement park.

Another fantastic build from last Shiptember is this mobile spaceship repair ship.  As you can imagine, the size of this thing is pretty huge.

Ideas has released a Doctor Who set including a pretty cool TARDIS, but that doesn`t stop builders creating their own version of the iconic ship.

Not everyhting has to be huge, as you can see at this microscale build of Nessie.

Talking cute, how about this guinea pig, it just looks fantastic and adorable.

Taking out every colour and build in monochrome can make great effects, as shown here in this Spooky Girl vignette.

Talking spooky, I don`t want to come across this fella when going out for a swim...

The final build of the selection this week is a throw back to my 40k hobby days, with this awesome Land Raider variant

And that`s the first selection of the year, I hope you like them and see you again next week!

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