vrijdag 22 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 7300 Double Hover

Hailing from the 2001 Life on Mars series, a sub theme from the Space range, some argue this is the beginning of the end for `classic Space`.

Is it true?  I wouldn`t say, both the later appearing UFO series and Galaxy Quest lines where pretty cool though, but this series indeed is something to net get to wild about.

The Double Hover was one of the smaller sets from the range, whose best selling point back then was the alien figure.  Based on the body of the Star Wars Battledroids but with more flashy colours and a different headpiece, it`s rather okay (especially if you remember the one piece, trans-green aliens from before).

The Hover itself has a green plate at it`s base around which the vessel is build.

Now, the wings are pretty simple affairs, being clipped onto hinge elements to have some playability, but the sand green triangle and the printed dish are great elements in this set.

The same can be said of the pilot controls.

And then... the build is completed

Like I said, I don`t believe the range was a winner, but this particular little set, which can easily be scooped up on the very cheap on BL and the likes, does have some pretty cool elements, and a nice minifigure, so it isn`t all bad.

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