donderdag 7 januari 2016

MOC: The Mysterious Cavern

Brethren of the Bricks Seas has kicked off with it`s first two challenges, each detailing an other aspect of the game (discovery and battles) over two subsections each.

I entered the first one of challenge I, section A, where your figure stumbles upon natives `doing their thing`, and opted for a sort of holy cave thingy.

After two days of sailing, the HMS Green Dragon has dropped anchor at a small, isolated island.  Accompanied by the famous `first contact specialist` Your Honourable Doctor Atreides Lapzwanzer, the crew sets about exploring a mysterious cavern.

This cavern is rumoured to have connections to the lost continent of Crappa Nui, a long lost civilisation of gigantic creatures that according to legend roamed the lands and oceans in ages past.

The local tribeshead, L`ulkoek`us, received the daring explorers with open arms, and guided them into the cave...

Okay, so perhaps not all crewmen where intrested in mysterious grotto`s and tropical birds...

So I finally found a suitable thing to do with that huge Bionicle packaging head I got in a lot somewhere...

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