zaterdag 16 januari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4706 Harry Potter Forbidden Corridor

Another of the classic `yellow` Harry Potter sets in today`s build reports, and one I`m planning to integrate all into the big `Philosophers Stone` diplay build over time.

This set features the opening of the corridor, guarded by Fluffy, and some of the trials our heroes must overcome before confronting Voldemort, a build a featured a few days ago.

Apart from our three heroes Harry, Ron and Hermione, this set also comes with the big dog, Fluffy, in which is a unique mold for the set and mighty impressive beast.

The base of the build is two of the thick grey plates, common in the whole `older` Harry Potter range, and which can be hinged open and close.

The first thing of the build we are tackling is the man-eating plants trap, designed by Professor Sprout.  For this, we start by building up the supporting pillars, and then the lever that will allow the plant to open and close.

The underside of the plant rests on this raised area, and can recreate a `snapping` motion.

The top is then build and added, and if you push the red tile, the plant opens up to try and grab anyone unfortunate enough to get close by.

While the supporting beams are then added, extra detailing is brought to this room by the webs and spiders, creating a more eerie look to the section.

The arches for the floor on top of this room are placed next.

To the side, we are adding the rotating staircase, using the swivel system often used in Lego sets since then.

The floor above consists of two smaller rooms.  The one on the right is the entrance to the Forbidden Corridor itself, while on the left we insert the trap door Fluffy will be guarding.

Some more detailing is then added to these floors.

And the full set stands completed:

The set is pretty cool in that it is one of three sets that together recreate the whole finale of the very first Harry Potter movie and book, and you get the great Fluffy model with it.  While the style of the `yellow` sets is not as superb as the ones in the later waves, in my opinion they do have a great looking, what I would call `typical`, Lego charm.  You know, like something you would build yourself when still young.

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