zondag 24 januari 2016

The Haul Report #13

How calm last week was, so much more work the mailman had this week...

Though there aren`t really any spectacular or wow deliveries that came to the door, or that I found on my bi-weekly tour of stores like Rekhet, Kringwinkel and such.

The first thing I got was this little Friends set, which I ordered at Bol because my GF needed about 5.5 euro more of goods to get free shipping for her order, so I chipped in.  And the kitty is always useful, I love the Friends pets to mix into regular Lego moc`s, adding a sort of `fun` to builds that way.

A small bricklink parcel arrived as well, from Bulgaria.  Nothing fancy, just some more light grey studs which I needed to complete a road on a moc, and some more clears for water effects, always handy when building in the historical directions.

I did a good trade over on Facebook, in exchange for a Santa Workshop and a Joker minifig, I got these little beauties in return.  Pirates to act as regular sailing crew, more redshirts, more BOXED redshirts (already unboxed as you read this hehe), hull pieces and sails.

I`m getting the Queen Anne in a trade real soon, but the trade partner told me some decals had had their best time, so I ordered a new sheet through bricklink.

Miniature Trading yielded another nice little parcel this week.  A jungle boy (for my timeline moc) and a spectre, because they are just damn cool, came in in exchange for a jester and a zombie cheerleader.

The newspaper guy had some of the new Lego magazines, and I picked up the Ninjago one for the figure, and the Elves one for the little fox that also came with Azari`s Bakery, always handy.

In the Rekhet store, I found a toy microscope for 1.5 euro, enlarging to x450, this might prove helpfull to get to read the part numbers in some smaller Lego elements :-s
I also picked up a documentary series about the Trojan wars to watch while sorting, and a Spider-Man cardgame, which will be a nice little trade token.

Oh, and this... I`m running it through my Virtual Box, still a great thingie even though it is Win XP material.

The Kringloop yielded also some little goodies, namely a Duplo figure and chopper body, a Harry Potter card set (again, a good trade token) and for the baby cousin some more of those `even bigger then Duplo` official bricks.  The corruption to the Brick Side continues...

Wibra had a clearance on some Chima sets, so I picked up all three of them for 8 euro each.  Good parts, great figs, always nice.

Okay, so I did save the best for last perhaps.  Through Facebook I found these 8 classic space sets, in a rather good condition as only two of the figs have their `badge` faded a bit over the years, for 35 euro all together.  Those definitly will come in handy to drive a bargain for pirates or castle sets!

Well, a rather cool haul this week in the end, onwards to the next one!

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