zondag 10 januari 2016

The Haul Report # 11

I wanted to keep it calm in the new year, I really did.

And right until friday, I actually managed to do that, avoiding all my regular pitfalls and focus on exchanging minifigures and other stuff first...

It even turned out I had a trading partner right under the roof in the Smurf.  You see, he loves Harry Potter Lego, but mostly the figures alone.  So the Mermaid set I had standing here, and didn`t have any other plans for, was his focus of intrest.  We sat down and exchanged the 5 figures from the set, which he all had on his wanted list, for some figures he doesn`t has any intrest in (after we found all the pieces together again). 

So enter one Samwise from the Shelob set, a naval officer from the 2009 Pirate ship, and three figures from the Pirates of the Carribean line, namely both Barbosa versions (I love the blue jacket and hat) an a Swann figure.

See, I kept it calm as I said... until friday.  I went to do a small tour of the local Rekhet, Kringloop and whotnot shops, and did manage to find some stuff, though I avoided the `toys` for bricks as a stake in.

The first thing I found was some stuff to give the little guy, in an old board game that helps in learning cities, countries and rivers, a small book with (recent) soccer quiz questions and a 7 DVD box on the history of soccer.  For the GF I brought along BenX, a flemish movie about an autistic person fleeing into the reality of videogames, as I didn`t know she had it or not.

For the family, I found this DVD box that not only had the The Neverending Story movie which we all enjoyed, but apparently 4 `mini series` movies I didn`t even know existed, to take along when we have `movie night` with the family again.

For myself, I found some nice things to watch as well while sorting out bricks and stuff.  The full Hornblower box set, a Transformers dvd with some episodes and a documentary about Napoleon during the French Revolution.

Oh, and of course I found some bricks, a bag of parts for 2 euro and two small sealed sets for 3.75 each...

A nice and varied stash in the end, and the whole lot outside the 5 traded figures knocked us back only 23.50, so that is not a shabby deal at all :-)

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