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Lego Build: 76035 Jokerland

Perhaps one of the coolest Superheroes sets of the last year, Jokerland was a true beauty and minifigure treasure trove, as we now got an affordable Harley Quinn as well.

This amusement park looking set contains all kinds of corrupted attractions, and while if this was an 80s set we would have gotten a baseplate with it, now we have a collection of loose builds that work well wonderfully together.

The box contains a thick manual, sticker sheet, the traditional mini comic, and a lot of bags with parts.

Including a new spongy material cape for Batman.

Batman and Joker are the first figures we get from the set, and mind you this is a different Joker from the Bumper car set, as his shirt colour differs.  The same goes for Batman, who now sports black boots instead of all grey legpieces like before.

The first mini build in this set is this cute looking Joker robot.  Armed and dangerous, it makes great use of angling the connector piece upside down to have the head rotate.

The other henchmen included is a well known design of the Penguins dynamite toting penguins.

We then proceed to the Shoot-o-Matic, a big cannon that can launch minifigures.

Once the cannons base is completed, the tube is again made by angling the direction of the round plates to give it a nice and even look.

This is then connected to the base and we have the big boombox.

The next section to be build is the toxic vat for the slide.  Nothing special here, as it is basically 4 transparent pieces with stickers on them, making it impossible to cleanly circumvate the piece.  Shame.

The first real build in the set is the Batmobile, inspired on the gorgeous Keaton-mobile from the 90s movies.  Based on a dark grey plate, it uses two large Technic beams to make the sides to which most of the car will be connected, or build in between.

The backside is made up next and then connected to the frame, coming with rear firing stud shooters.

The side elements are the next pieces to be added to the technic beams, to allow for the high curving mudflaps of the car.

While these are installed, the body work is closed up as well in order to give her her sleek lines.

The front of the car comes with a large dartshooter cannon to add some real firepower to it, while at the back we get the batfins.

Cover up the cockpit and add the wheels, and we have one sleek looking, awesome batmobile!

The first attraction of the park will be Harley`s, and to that end we get Harley Quinn and Robin as the next figures in the set.  Who doesn`t love ms Quinn in her shorts...

The ride itself is pretty simple, as we build two large pillars fist, using the big premoulded `A` beams for support.

The nameplate is flippable, and pushing it over will activate the ride once it is done.

A shorter pillar is at the end, with a lot of burning garbage cans for the victims to be roasted over.

This is then connected by a long, smooth, riding path on which ms Quinn rolls on her cycle, dangling poor Robin beneath it.

Poison Ivy and Stargirl are the next figures we come across, as Ivy`s attraction is one of those `fall down` platforms.  A word of caution, don`t let it go without a `hold` at the bottom with your hand once it`s done, or the elements will be shooting in every direction as it crashes to the bottom.

The base is, fitting of the green villainess, filled with large leaves.

Upon this, the large pillar is erected where the rides seating will be moving over.

This uses a rather nice technique to represent the fail safe mechanisms you get in amusement parks, and to harness you in.

Big flesh eating plants are also present on the seats, so it might not be that intresting to try out the ride yourself.

The actual seats are the next piece to be added to this ride, allowing your figures to take place in the Carnivore Falls.

Next we have Beast Boy, another unique figure to the set, and the Penguin as they man the third attraction.

Though the smallest of the four rides in the amusement park, the little ferris wheel is in my opinion actually the best looking part.  It`s based on a watery and ice build, and comes with some very nice ducky seats.

While sharks patrol the waters, the seats will be attached by using a nice technic wheel system.

I so love the duckies, they are just to cute and adorable.

Though I doubt Beast Boy agrees as he is going round and round on the wheel...

The Joker`s mirror palace is the final, and biggest, attraction of the park, and begins on the combination of some grey plates.

Using long plates, it expands widely in both directions, in order to be able to place the slide and all within it`s confines.

It also comes with some excellent shiny stickers to make the mirrors, while being arched in dark purple.  Lovely source for those parts...

The first level is then being constructed, where the `action` is about to take place, and we will be building that awesome Joker head of the ride.

The bowtie can actually spin...

The entrance to the slide is within the mouth of the Joker head.

Using technic pieces, we can add the eyes to the build which will be spinning around just like the bowtie, and while making excellent use of the green plant pieces who also move with the eyes, we get a great looking face.

The hat on top wobbles from left to right when the cranck is turned.

Add in the loose builds from right at the beginning, and we have a fine looking attraction!

Welcome to Jokerland, as the whole set stands together:

And we had a LOT of additional pieces as well:

What`s not to like in this set.  Almost all figures are either new (Stargirl, BeastBoy) or come in updated versions (Harley, Batman, Joker, Robin).  It has great playability with something going on in all the rides, and a nice selection of not that usual colours... a true winner and one I am very happy to have bought :-)

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