zondag 10 januari 2016

De Lijdzame Lust - Joyce Mesdag

You see, I don`t always read books about Lego or knights or spaceships, though perhaps the term `dungeons` can be of use in this one.

However, if you clicked to this page looking for a fast kick, save yourself the trouble as there isn`t a single erotic scene in the book.

Instead, this is a reasearch work.  Subtitles `SM in Vlaanderen - van zachte tinten tot harde feiten`, freelance journalist Joyce Mesdag went out to investigate just how BDSM is `lived` in Flanders.  Following the hype of 50 Shades, it seems that these days, you have to get a whip and handcuffs to be normal in the eyes of the trendies, and this work delves deeper.

I found the book on the shelf of my GF, and myself actually knowing, as in `real life persons` one or two people in the book (as does she), it caught my intrest just to see what they would tell a journalist compared to how we know those persons.

It would also be a good test to see if the book was truthfull.  And it past with flying colours, as I can literally imagine those persons saying the lines they speak about, including intonations.

The book looks about on how BDSM is being lived overhere, taking a look at the `bedchamber hobbyist`, going to the whole process of clubs, even visiting the Fetish Cafe here in Antwerp.

While the book gives a good impression of do and dont`s, this is by now way a How To Get Started With guide, but more of a book that will show the issues people will have in their relations and surroundings when they find out that BDSM is something that catches their intrest, without all the glorified romance of 50 Shades and the likes.

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