zondag 31 januari 2016

Lego Build: 30272 A-Wing Starfighter

In today`s build report, I`m putting together one of the Star Wars spaceship polybags, the little A-Wing.

Now, of all the spacefighters the Rebels used in the original trilogy, I always liked the sleek lines of these small fighters the most, and remember, it was actually an A-wing that fired the finishing shot of the second Death Star.

Opening the bag, we get a nice pile of mostly white and dark red elements, and dark red is something I can always appreciate in sets.

We commence the build by stacking two 2x4 dark reds with a white round plate together, to serve as the underside of the fighter.

On the top side, white wings are attached, and grey elements to add the sides of the engine compartment.

Jumpers are put in place on the top side, in order to facilitate the cockpit, while long red curved elements go in the front.  These make the long elegant nose of the little fighter.

Said cockpit is then installed with trans-black pieces, while we put a clear element at the bottom to position the model.

The small side compartments are then put together, which we do two times so we can add them to either side of the vessel.

Finally, we put the guns on the side compartments, before we start the last section of the vessel.

This is the engine section, with a white plate as the basis to which round bricks are added.  On top of those, blue transparent dishes serve as the exhausts, and we add the whole construction to the back of the vessel.

And the little fighter is completed:

Of course, a few extra parts are included in the set:

I really like this particular polybag.  Not only does it have a nice selection of elements and in usefull colours, it also is quit a good looker when completed.  Definitly worth the few euro you have to put down for it!

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